Made in NZ Candles

Made in Wellington since 1969.
65mm wide Beeswax Pillars
65mm wide x 100mm high Beeswax pillar. Pictured at the right. 65mm wide x 150mm high Beeswax pillar. Pictured at the left. 65mm wide x 200mm high Beeswax pillar. NOT pictured but next step up from these two.  
Paua large bucket candle
1205mm square x 180mm high.  150 hours burn time approx.
150mm wide Pillars
150mm wide x 4 heights.  Flat top as pictured. White & Cream only.
Paua pillar candles
Various shaped pillar candles with paua pieces embedded into the outer surface.  Great Kiwiana gifts.
Paua square candle
75mm square x 100mm high.  65 hours burn time approx.
Beeswax tea lights
Who doesn't love the fragrance of Beeswax ? That sweet, warm, indescribably pleasant smell. You can pick up the sweet smell of honey, the spicy fragrance of the plant resins the bees collect (it has a name - propolis), the smell of the wood from the hive, and the warm scent of the bees themselves. 
Paua small cylinder candle
65mm square x 100mm high.  24 hours burn time approx.
Paua icons candle
65mm square x 85mm high.  4 differing icons. Comes cello wrapped. 20 hours burn time approx.