About usWelcome to Candles & More. Your online candle supplier.

Like you, we burn lots of candles but often you have to travel far and wide to source them and more often than not they don’t have the size, fragrance or colour that we/you are after.  Yes, you have your favourite retail stores but they don’t always have what you want and you can’t be bothered with them ordering them in.  Hello and welcome to Candles & More.

Many retailers are now online but what if you had an online store with a huge range of choice - now 800+ with some designs in up to 37 different colours. All at a very, very fair price, delivered to your door ?

Not just candles either, the ‘& More’ relates to other products such as diffusers, melts, hand cream, body cream and room sprays.   

Fragrant candles rule but it’s super important that the fragrance remains under 3% and that the wicks are of a high quality. We have selected scented ranges of paraffin, soya, coconut and veg/botanic. 

Happy shopping !

Alan H.