Candle Care

There is an art to burning candles you just don’t light them.

In-attentive burning will often mean the candle will drip and smoke !!  The wick is the most important part of the burning process and needs attention every time you burn your candle. By following these 7 tips your candle will burn cleanly and not produce any smoke.

  1. Keep away from any draughts – doorways, open windows, heat pumps etc. Sometimes this can’t be avoided, so turn the candle to help the candle burn more evenly.
  2. When lighting the candle for the first time, trim the wick to about 10mm.
  3. Once lit trim the wick to about 5mm and maintain that wick length at 5mm while burning the candle.
  4. Ensure any wick debris that fall to the candle are removed – have a pair of tweezers or cotton bud handy.
  5. When burning a pillar candle for the first time, allow the molten wax to extend to the outside edge of the candle, then snuff out the candle. This will set the candle's memory and allow the candle to melt within itself rather than ‘caving’ or dripping down the sides.  Same applies to the bigger candles with multiple wicks,
  6. Always extinguish a candle when the flame gets too close to the bottom. For a margin of safety, extinguish a candle when only 40mm of wax remains.
  7. Wax spills may be removed from fabric and carpet by placing brown paper on the wax and using a medium hot iron, it acts like a paper towel or blotting paper.